The social networks tend to change the communication’s outlooks in the worldwide. Those tools help companies and
people to directly interact with an expected target and being enable to control its audience.

The aim for a company is as well and anticipate those potential effects according to their initial strategy of

Connect-Rivera® is more than aware of the current and future digital power, nowadays introduced in our daily lives.
That is why Connect-Riviera® is omnipresent on the following social networks :

1.     Facebook


Without checking out associations of clubs' websites or Connect Sport Riviera®, discover all the year along the best
clubs, associations and sport brands involved in the french riviera sport industry. Follow us on Facebook would be a
way for you also to stay tuned about french riviera sport News

2.     Twitter


Twitter became a daily tool, do not dare to follow us on our unique Twitter account, Connect-Riviera®, and answer
and share our comments during the biggest French Riviera events.

3.     Snapchat


You can barely find nowadays companies using Snapchat, to share their daily activites. However, with the French
Riviera landscape, the  Connect-Riviera’s team decided to publish every day several French Riviera’s captures and
also partners companies based in heavenly spots.

4.     Instagram


#’ Fans, Connect-Riviera® does follow this Instagram phenomenon and will often publish best aesthetic captures
and we do hope to rely on your likes and support so as to hear about Connect-Riviera® and our partners.

5.     YouTube


Professional Movies with amazing aerial views with the latest drones’ technology on the market or even impressive
virtual tours to  definitely catch up the 2.0 immersive market, subscribe to our YouTube page and you would be able
to consult our trendy works which  would certainly impact positively the French Riviera Digital Market.