The sport industry is thriving, the French Riviera and its numerous clubs is actively involved in the sport image’s
development in France and at the International.

Nowadays, several technologies are available and a wide majority could potentially help French Riviera’s clubs 
to hear about them from departmental, regional and national sides.

1.     1 334 Sport Clubs/Associations/Companies within the Alpes Maritimes area

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We discern more than 1 300 clubs/associations/companies in the French Riviera area, this figure does confirm the
fact that sport is introduced in the daily French Riviera’s inhabitance life.

These ones have optimal conditions to practice sport with a favorable climate, and idyllic places which would allow
you to practice any kinds of sea or mountain sport activities.  

2.     The 10 Cities gathering the most of sport clubs and associations in the French Riviera


With european and international sport outlooks, the principality of Monaco is already a reference from a
departmental scale and as well regional with almost 1 sport club/association out of 4 which is based in Monaco.

The city of Nice has a good sport market share with 20% of the total of clubs in the French Riviera based in Nice.
Furthermore, with their current motivation to set up international sports event the both cities rates might increase
in a near future.

Thereafter, we distinguish that it is in the littoral cities that we can discern the most of sport frameworks, such as
in Cagnes sur Mer or even in Menton.

3.     A region with permanent sport news

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The AS Monaco won the french football championship, the Grand Prix of Monaco with a fantastic win of Ferrari,
10th Victory of Rafael Nadal at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, the Rocca Team which won the Pro A Basketball championship on the regular season or even the stellar OGC Nice football club’s season, thus, with all those
examples we cannot say that French Riviera misses sport news.

By the way, this dynamic enables the blooming and the creation of certain clubs wishing to affirm their sport

4.      20% of French Riviera’s tourists practice sport during their vacations.

Plongee sous marine photo R Palomba

This statistic speaks for itself, the French Riviera is also considered as a sport gate beyond its simple idyllic image.
To draw these  tourists, clubs and associations have to adopt the necessary communication, strategic or innovative
which would help them to raise awareness.

5.     50% of people use internet to follow news and results of clubs/associations

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Internet became a tool to necessarily manage for clubs and associations, first to strengthen the club’s fan base,
then to convey the best virtual image prior to confirming this impression during a real club or association visit.

6.     20% of tourists rely on social newtorks to follow sport news

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The News categories on your clubs or associations’ website are indispensable, but they will tend to be barely consulted
on your website, since in our days news’ consultation is on social networks, especially on Facebook which tends to professionalize as well in the sport industry.

7.     360° / Live Facebook 360°

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How to draw your fan base’s attention and how to raise the awareness of your future potential members ? Facebook
is currently offering the possibility to integrate latest tools of communication  which can clearly change the virtual
image of clubs/associations.

To begin with, traditional Live Facebook to share with its fan base landmarks, and to finish with the ideal compromise
is the Live Facebook 360°taking into account the previous positive points mentioned.

Nowadays, those tools are paramount if the club/association wants to communicate in an attractive, modern and
dynamic ways (Connect Sport Riviera®).

8.     Drone Video

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If you have the possibility to record your club or association from 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 meters high, it would be
automatically benefic for the virtual visibility of a sport structure. Previously, simple gadgets, today the drone video
is a concrete job which does take part in the new digital communication.

9.     Virtual Tours

drone filming surf

New trend coming straight from the United-States, the sport club virtual tours aim to make you discover at home the
clubs and associations, just by navigating on your computer on those virtual tours.

10.     Review each of your sport action

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The latest trend on the French Riviera comes from a company which sets up cameras in sporting clubs which allow
you to review each of your actions. Therefore, it does not matter the sport practice, Tennis, Football, Padel,
Handball, Basketball or even Volleyball it would be possible in those French Riviera sport frameworks which have
the cameras to review each of your action.

This tool is benefic for the clubs’ members and also for you future clients who might be seduced by this trendy