Seeking for registering your children in dance association in Menton on the upcoming month of september ?

The Studio M’Road based on the Carei area suggest to you a wide panel of dance courses throughout the year.

Discover below this local association and its numerous advantages :

1.     A human scale association

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At the Studio M’Road, each member easily finds its place, without any age restriction, social level or competency.
Throughout your membership several events would be set up to gather and unify members, and try to enhance
each members’ skills and shed light them.

2.     Pleasure > Performance

studio mroad connect sport riviera 7

Far from the clubs’ mentality to push members until the performance expected, the Studio M’Road looks first
to provide a pleasure to each dancer watching out by certified and creative teachers who will adapt their courses
according to their initial levels.

3.     A wide panel of Dance Courses

The Studio M’Road stands out from its local competitors through its several courses suggested such as the 2
examples available below :

Discover the whole panel of courses, on their official Youtube Channel, on the following link.

4.     Ratio Price/Quality

studio mroad connect sport riviera 8

In comparison to the local offers to register your children in a dance club/association, the Studio M’Road has
an attractive pricing, which is as well a concrete strength. Find out the pricing list also on the Studio M’Road’s
website, on the following link.

5.     A spectacle available and affordable for everyone

studio mroad connect sport riviera 2

You currently do not feel able to show off on the Palais de l’Europe’s scene in Menton on the next summer 2018 ?
Yet, thanks to the Studio M’Road, does not matter your level of progression throughout the year, you will get the
opportunity to know the happiness to be  actively involved in a spectacle and show your unknown skills learned!

If this article drew your attention, do not dare to consult the association’s website, its Facebook page, or its
Connect Sport Riviera®’s page to get further information.

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