ConnectSportRiviera lWelcome to Connect Sport Riviera®, a trendy digital platform dedicated to sport fans willing to know the latest French Rivera Sport News and learn about its sports club.

Throughout the year, follow the main highlights from the amateur to the professional side and discover the best places to practice sport in Menton, Monaco, Nice, Cannes and its surroundings. 
This concept stands out from its dynamic and modern interface which drives people through their searches of associations, clubs and sport organizations involved in the French Riviera Sport Industry.

Connect-Riviera® aims to stand out on the French Riviera with its tools of communication in 4 distinct sectors: Real Estate,
Industry, Catering Sector and Sport Industry.

To achieve this digital stake, Connect-Riviera® does rely on its several communication partners : 

1.     Radio Fréquence Méditerranée :

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Stay tuned about the C.A.R.F area news on Radio Frequence Mediterranee. The Radio is involved in several activities such as : 
the regional heritage, the environmental awareness, the local cultural events’ promotions, shed light the local initiatives,  and
provide the local and international informations regarding the French Riviera.

Many traders, artisans, artists, cities and villages’ associations on the French Riviera already trust and work with this radio 
which highlights their various activites.

Furthermore, the Connect-Riviera®’s team can approve the positive audience feedbacks towards this radio, which did contribute
to increase its level of followers on the social media.

Find out throughout the Connect-Riviera®’s evolution the several interviews and RFM’s news, otherwise to get further information
on its working process, you can consult its website or follow the radio on its Official Facebook Page.

2.     Horizon Marketing Services :

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Horizon Marketing Services is one of the main Connect-Riviera®’s partners which provides especially to our clients a wide panel of
communication services in Monaco, Nice, Sophia Antipolis, Menton and its surrondings.

Relying on its know how HMS aims to outsource and run companies’ communication tools : social networks, website analysis, or even 
the set up and the promotion of a recent innovation within the brand.

You will find out throughout the year on the Connect-Riviera® social medias our several and succesfull collaborations, otherwise to get 
further information regarding its services you can consult the HMS’s website or follow this company on its Official Facebook Page.

3.     Riviera Wifi :

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Seeking for a Wifi alternative which does stand out from the traditional market offers, Riviera Wifi could suit your personal or 
professional convenience with high level internet connections which have been acknowledged in the whole French Riviera since
almost a decade.

Beforehand, Riviera Wifi offers optimal internet connexion for your daily connexions and as well for your smartphones. Another
particular advantage from Riviera Wifi’s services ? Get internet and telephone offers in area which are not covered by ADSL. An option
which might be very useful for local people and as well for real estate agencies, hotels, or even our restaurants’ partners.

For your personal needs, Riviera Wifi suggests offers for residents which only have to pay the connexion which had been used potentially 
throughout their stay. A relevant option also for real estate agencies willing to set up Wifi for their seasonal rentals.

For further information, you can consult the Riviera Wifi’s website or even its Official Facebook Page to follow their news.