La Salle is a human adventure of sports enthusiasts who, with sincerity, are at your service to accompany you
in your sports project.

The goal of this establishment is to motivate you, encourage you and make you love the practice of sport in a healthy
atmosphere and above all positive. Constant innovation, a positive and minimalist atmosphere, inspired coaching 
top-level methods, top-of-the-line equipment, everything is designed to help you optimally towards your goals.

1.      A modern and dynamic Club :


2.     A dietary shop at your disposal :

la salle connect sport riviera 3

3.      Various dance and fitness classes :

la salle connect sport riviera 5

4.      Latest generation weight and fitness equipment :

la salle connect sport riviera 2

If this article made you want to know more about LA Salle, do not hesitate to consult its website, its page Facebook, or
its Connect Sport Riviera® directory listing for any additional information.